Dial Surveying provides surveying services for today's land owners, professional realtors, bank loan officers, developers - both residential and commercial, telecommunication lease areas, and property line identification for land ownership, or land transactions. As you will see within our website we are licensed and insured in all states that we advertise and practice in, we are also a proud member of both State and National Land Surveying associations, and the Better Business Bureau.

Mike Dial has over 18 years of experience in the field of Land Surveying. We are proud to be able to offer our clients various surveying services with regards to subdivision layout, rural boundaries, commercial or residential construction layout, topographic surveys, plot plans, sign certifications; as well as residential surveying, mortgage loan inspections, surveys for proposed fence line, FEMA Finished Floor Elevation (FFE) certifications, and ALTA, land title surveys. Give us a call or leave us a note on our contact page with any questions, needs, or to request a quote for a survey.

Another way to save off of our standard project rates... Some of our repetitive clients and new clients alike have already taken advantage of this offer we placed back in the fall - With fall coming and leaves dropping, it is a great time and the least expensive time to consider projects that involve treed or wooded areas. Whether it be a boundary survey or a topographic survey for future design it is faster and easier for us, therefore less expensive for our clients while the foliage is off of the trees. This still applies so if you have a future project waiting in the wings, do not find yourself waiting until spring. Begin now, have it done ahead and save as well.  
Dial Land Surveying, Surveyors - Land, Murfreesboro, TN
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